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This blog is dedicated to all the PINOYS around the world, who made a difference. It's main OBJECTIVE is to point out the POSITIVE side of the PHILIPPINES, thus painting a bright new future ahead. This is to SHOW the WORLD, WHO WE ARE and WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT.
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I know some would react, because this blog would be in ENGLISH, but i also want the people from other countries to understand what i am talking about(since this is for everyone). So i am using the UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. :)
I just want to make this clear to all of you. THIS BLOG would not in any way discriminate other countries nor degrade them.

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WHy this BLOG was created
I have always been in love with my country. I always believed that we are destined for something BIG. It may not be evident now, but it would be.. ONE DAY. People tend to focus more on the negative side of the Philippines that they forgot all about it's GREATNESS and WONDER.
So i decided to make a BLOG, that would make a difference
And to all of you who are not from Philippines, but from different countries in the world. Let me just remind you, EVERY COUNTRY has it's OWN DESTINY and PURPOSE. It just so happened i am living and was born in Philippines, and currently residing in my paradise. That is why i dedicate this blog to my beloved country. If you as an individual from a different nation, want the whole world to know, that your country is great and all that, make a blog and tell the whole world about it.


Republic of the Philippines
Capital: Metro Manila
President: Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
V-Pres: Noli De Castro


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Subject: Philippines Tops in Women Managers | Thursday, October 18, 2007

International Survey shows that women are breaking barriers in the Philippines and that they hold half of all senior management positions, and even one of the highest levels in the world.

Of course you would probably guess by then that our country is being run by a woman - President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

Women hold half of our senior management jobs in our country, representing 81% of the world economy, the highest rate in the study of 32 nations. Also, 97% of businesses in our country have women in senior management positions, actually the highest in the poll.

Men in the Philippines are actually used to women in authority. There are less sexist here so women can really say what they want to say and do what they want to do without the fear of being discrimanated just because you are a woman.

According to Dina Salonga from an article in VOAnews:

"I think that the Philippine society is basically a matriarchal one," she says.
" And that men don't really mind reporting to a higher authority who is female.
So that in the home the children, sometimes even the husband, would take orders,
if that's right word for it, from the wife. So they don't really mind reporting
to a woman manager."
The Philippines is often portrayed as having a macho
culture in which men dominate. But Salonga says this is only a façade and women
control things from behind the scenes.
"I think from the outside that's what
the men want the other people to perceive them to be. But inside the home I
think it's really the woman who enjoys the power," she says. "And sometimes they
just make the husbands feel that they are the ones who are powerful. So they do
it in a really subtle way and they get their way around it."

Even the Philippine Labor Department says women have outnumbered men in executive positions for several years.

from VoaNews:

Dan Roces, chief of research for People Management Association, says women are accepted in business.
"There really isn't any discrimination," he says. "We really tend to trust our businesses with [to] females. Our culture is more maternalistic. We tend to trust our women more because we were taken care of by our mothers. So we really don't mind if we take orders from them."

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